(minimum order of $175, not including supplies, tax or delivery)
Price: $80/day
Size: 19"w/14"d/26"h
8 oz. popper 
makes about 120  one oz servings per hour
*supplies extra (see below)

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***Minimum order is $175***
(delivery fee if applicable, supplies and sales tax not included in minimum order amount)
Price: $80/day
Size: 26"w X 26"d X 20"h
Makes about 120 servings per hour
*supplies extra (see below)
Price: $80/day
Size: 24"w/16"d/24"h
Customer provides own ice
1 pound ice = approx. 2.5 servings
Makes up to 1000 servings per hour
*supplies extra (see below)

Concession Supplies


Popcorn Kit includes corn, coconut oil, and salt, perfectly measured to fit our popcorn machine
$16 for 40 servings (includes popcorn kit and bags) 

Sno-Cone: (you must provide the ice - approximately 1 pound of ice = approx. 2 servings)

Choose your flavor: blue raspberry, cherry, or lemon-lime
$25 makes 50 sno-cones (includes 1 gallon flavor, pump and 50 - 6oz cups)
$7.50 for 50 spoon straws
$7.50 for a sno-cone holder (holds up to 8 sno-cones at a time)

Cotton Candy:

Choose your color/flavor: blue raspberry or pink vanilla
$16 makes 60 cones (includes sugar and cones)
$7.50 for 30 bags (must purchase sugar and cones seperately)
$15 for the "double bubble" (cover for the machine that prevents the cotton candy from blowing out and any debris/germs from getting into the cotton candy
$7.50 for a cotton candy cone holder (holds up to 8 cones at a time)

Pucker Powder:

$25 for 30 servings (includes 5 flavors - Birthday Cake, Grape, Green Apple, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry, and 30 plastic tubes)

Price: $60 / day
Size: 4' L x 4' W x 4' H
​5 flavor pucker powder station
*supplies extra (see below)​
​Make your own candy art! Fill a plastic tube with your favorite colors of flavored sugar - like making your own pixie stick!